Women Straw Sun Visor Hat – Wide Brim Summer UV Protection Beach Cap

20 September 2023 0 Comments

Women Straw Sun Visor Hat – Wide Brim Summer UV Protection Beach Cap

Women Straw Sun Visor Hat – Wide Brim Summer UV Protection Beach Cap


Stay stylish and protected from the sun with our Women Straw Sun Visor Hat. This wide brim summer hat is designed to provide UV protection while keeping you comfortable and fashionable. Whether you’re lounging on the beach or exploring a new city, this packable and adjustable hat is the perfect accessory for your summer adventures.


Clip Hat Never Get Lost

Do you find it annoying when you have to hold your hat all the way through traveling? Or even worse, you are so frustrated in keeping losing your sunhat? Solutions here! You may roll up this stylish packable sunvisor and put it in your backpack, or simply use the stretchy tape to hang it up on your handbag. Now you have free hands to take selfies and eat soft serve ice creams!

No Headache from Today

Have you ever gotten a headache after wearing a sunshade cap for a long time? We know how it hurts! Traditional clip-on or elastic band visor hat is somehow fixed on your head, which means you hardly can make adjustments when you feel tight. As this chic visor is equipped with a soft and rollable open-up headband, you can easily get a snug and comfortable fit. One size fits all.

Cozy Sleep on Chair Hat

Compared with ordinary sun straw hats, the padded headband design around the back of this travel cap makes it super comfortable for you to lay down on the beach chair to have a good rest. Besides, the open top allows you to wear a ponytail or a bun and keeps you feeling cool and vented on hot travel days.

Get Tan, Not Get Cancer

Feel the sea breeze blowing on your face, feel the salt tickling your nose, yup, holidays on a beach are awesome! But overexposure to sunlight may give you wrinkles or even cause skin cancer. That’s why you need this UPF 50+ UV protective sun visor to save you from the blazing sunburns. Plus, the 4.8″ extra large bill can deeply shade your ears, eyes, chins, and neck.

Best-match Summer Accessory

Made of eco-friendly recyclable natural materials (100% pure cotton for the headband, 100% woven paper straw for the rim), the open top straw hat is lightweight to wear and carry. It is ideal for water pool, cruise, boating, golfing, running, backyard BBQ party, travel, tourism, sightseeing, walking the dog, jogging, etc. Enjoy a worry-free purchase with our free return and 1-year warranty.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is this hat suitable for all head sizes?

Yes, the Women Straw Sun Visor Hat is designed to fit all head sizes. The soft and rollable open-up headband allows for a comfortable and adjustable fit.

2. Can I pack this hat in my backpack without damaging it?

Absolutely! This hat is packable and can be rolled up to fit in your backpack or luggage without losing its shape. It is made of durable materials that can withstand folding and bending.

3. Does this hat provide enough shade for my face and neck?

Yes, the wide brim of this sun visor hat provides ample shade for your face, ears, and neck. The 4.8″ extra large bill ensures maximum protection from the sun’s harmful rays.

4. Can I wear this hat while swimming?

While this hat is not specifically designed for swimming, it is suitable for activities near water such as lounging by the pool or beach. The woven paper straw material is water-resistant and quick-drying.

Stay stylish and protected this summer with our Women Straw Sun Visor Hat. Made of eco-friendly materials, this packable and adjustable hat offers UV protection and a comfortable fit. Order yours today and enjoy a worry-free purchase with our free return and 1-year warranty.