Warm Bird Nest Snuggle Tent – Product Description

9 September 2023 0 Comments

Warm Bird Nest Snuggle Tent – Product Description

Warm Bird Nest Snuggle Tent – Product Description

Why Parrot Need the Snuggle Hut?

In the wild world, parrots are prey animals. When they feel unsafe, scared, or emotional, they naturally run away and hide somewhere. With our parrot snuggle hut in their cage, it provides a secure and safe place for them to hideaway when they want to be alone for a little while. It also helps to reduce stress.

Our Advantages

  • Super warm Material
  • Cute Cartoon Outlook
  • Anti-bite & durable stainless steel clip
  • One piece washing bottom mat
  • Easy install and wash
  • Cute and multicolor choices
  • Two sizes for small and medium parrots

Package Included

  • 1 Cute Bird Nest
  • 1 Bottom Mat

Please note that the color and fabrics used may vary from the images shown.

Super Warm Double Material

Our bird nest is made of two layers. The inside layer is made of thick warm fleece material, while the outside layer is made of strong fabric that is waterproof and windproof to some extent. This two-layer design offers a safe and warm environment for your little pet. You can feel how warm it is from our pictures and videos.

Safe Sewing Design

As you can see from our pictures, the inside seams and side loops have been double sewn to prevent exposure to loose threads. Your little pet will have a very safe and relaxing space in their house.

Cute CAT Cartoon Design

Our bird snuggle hut adopts a colorful outlook with a cute cat design on the fabric. It can also be a great and cute decoration for your pet’s cage.

Two Sizes Available

Considering different needs, our bird nest offers two sizes. The small size is 6.7×6.7×6.7 inches, and the big size is 8.7×8.7×8.7 inches. These sizes can fit most small and medium parrots. Please check the size carefully before making a purchase.

Easy to Install & Washable

Our bird snuggle hut uses a non-toxic stainless steel clip that is durable and anti-bite. Simply hang the nest in your cage with the metal clip. It is also easy to wash.