Plixio Piano Keyboard Stand with Wheels

4 September 2023 0 Comments

Plixio Piano Keyboard Stand with Wheels

Plixio Piano Keyboard Stand with Wheels

The Plixio heavy duty music stand has been designed to support some of the smallest to some of the largest and heaviest keyboards on the market. This fully adjustable keyboard stand is designed to accommodate both the height of the musician and the width of the piano keyboard.


Locking Wheels for Easy Transport

The stand is equipped with locking wheels, making it easy to transport from one location to another. Whether you’re a musician on the go or need to move your keyboard around the house, the wheels provide convenience and mobility.

Reinforced Z-Style Design

The Z-style design of the stand provides extra support for heavier keyboards. It is more stable and less likely to tip over compared to traditional X-style stands. This ensures the safety of your instrument during performances or practice sessions.

Spring-Loaded Locks for Easy Adjustment

Adjusting the height and width of the stand is effortless, thanks to the spring-loaded locks. You can easily customize the stand to fit your specific needs and preferences.

Non-Slip Pads for Stability

The non-slip pads on the stand hold your piano firmly in place, preventing any surface scratches. You can confidently play your keyboard without worrying about it slipping or sliding.

Versatile Height Settings

The stand offers versatile height settings, allowing you to play while sitting or standing. Whether you prefer to perform on a bench, seat, or stool, the stand can be adjusted to your desired height.

Open Stand Design for Foot Pedals and Piano Benches

The open stand design provides ample space for a range of foot pedals and piano benches. You can easily incorporate additional accessories into your setup without any restrictions.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is this stand compatible with all keyboard brands?

Yes, the Plixio keyboard stand is compatible with Yahama, Casio, Roland, and all other major keyboard brands.

2. Can I play while sitting or standing?

Yes, the Z-style design allows you to adapt to both the height of the musician and the width of the piano. You can comfortably play your keyboard in any position.

3. What is the weight limit of this stand?

The stand has a weight limit of 113.4 kg, making it suitable for even the heaviest keyboards and musical instruments.

4. Does the stand come with any additional features?

Yes, each keyboard stand includes headphone hooks and attachment straps. The headphone hooks provide a convenient storage solution, while the attachment straps ensure extra stability and protection for your keyboard.


The Plixio Piano Keyboard Stand with Wheels is a versatile and durable stand that caters to the needs of professional musicians. Its adjustable height and width, along with the reinforced Z-style design, make it suitable for keyboards of various sizes and weights. The stand’s portability, easy assembly, and non-slip features add to its appeal. Whether you’re performing on stage, at home, or in a studio, this stand provides the stability and convenience you need for an exceptional playing experience.