Logitech MX Mechanical Wireless Illuminated Performance Keyboard

6 October 2023 0 Comments

Logitech MX Mechanical Wireless Illuminated Performance Keyboard

Logitech MX Mechanical Wireless Illuminated Performance Keyboard


Welcome to the world of the Logitech MX Mechanical Wireless Illuminated Performance Keyboard. This innovative keyboard combines cutting-edge technology with sleek design to provide you with an exceptional typing experience. With its fluid and quiet mechanical switches, smart illumination, and customizable features, this keyboard is perfect for both work and play.

Main Features

Fluid and Quiet Mechanical Typing

The MX Mechanical keyboard features tactile quiet switches that deliver next-level feel and flow with less noise. Whether you prefer clicky, linear, or tactile switches, this keyboard has you covered.

Low-Profile Keys for Enhanced Comfort

Designed for effortless precision, the keyboard layout of the MX Mechanical is optimized for better ergonomics. The low-profile mechanical switches provide a comfortable typing experience, reducing strain on your wrists and fingers.

Smart Illumination

Never struggle to find the right keys again. The backlit keys of the MX Mechanical keyboard light up the moment your hands approach, and they automatically adjust to suit changing lighting conditions. Say goodbye to typing in the dark.

Faster Workflow and Customization

Take control of your keyboard with the Logi Options+ software. Customize the function keys, assign backlighting effects, enable Flow cross-computer control, and more. The MX Mechanical keyboard allows you to personalize your workflow and boost your productivity.

Multi-Device and Multi-OS Support

Connect the MX Mechanical Bluetooth wireless keyboard to up to three devices simultaneously. It works seamlessly with nearly any operating system via Bluetooth Low Energy or the included Logi Bolt receiver. Switching between devices has never been easier.

USB-C Quick Charging

With USB-C quick charging, the MX Mechanical keyboard stays powered up for up to 15 days on a full charge. If you prefer to conserve battery, you can enjoy up to 10 months of usage with the backlighting turned off. Say goodbye to constantly changing batteries.

Environmentally Friendly

Logitech is committed to sustainability. The MX Mechanical keyboard includes certified post-consumer recycled plastic, with the Graphite variant containing 45% recycled plastic. Additionally, Logitech is proud to be carbon neutral, contributing to a greener future.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I connect the MX Mechanical keyboard to my smartphone?

Yes, you can connect the MX Mechanical keyboard to your smartphone via Bluetooth. Simply pair the devices and enjoy a seamless typing experience on your mobile device.

2. Is the Logi Options+ software compatible with Mac computers?

Yes, the Logi Options+ software is compatible with both Windows and Mac computers. You can customize your keyboard settings regardless of the operating system you are using.

3. How long does it take to fully charge the MX Mechanical keyboard?

The MX Mechanical keyboard can be fully charged in just a few hours using the USB-C quick charging cable. Once fully charged, it can provide up to 15 days of usage.

4. Can I use the MX Mechanical keyboard with my gaming console?

While the MX Mechanical keyboard is primarily designed for computer use, it can also be used with gaming consoles that support Bluetooth connectivity. Check the compatibility of your console before connecting the keyboard.

5. Does the MX Mechanical keyboard come with a warranty?

Yes, the MX Mechanical keyboard comes with a limited warranty. Please refer to the product documentation or contact Logitech customer support for more information.

Thank you for exploring the Logitech MX Mechanical Wireless Illuminated Performance Keyboard. Experience the future of typing with this exceptional keyboard that combines style, comfort, and functionality.