LONGWIN Photography Crystal Ball – Product Description

2 October 2023 0 Comments

LONGWIN Photography Crystal Ball – Product Description

LONGWIN Photography Crystal Ball

What is K9 crystal?

K9 crystal is one of the highest quality Optical Glass -Crystal. It has the same properties as 24% leaded crystal, such as its appearance, polish, and sparkle. However, K9 crystal is lighter and does not contain lead.

Fengshui crystal ball features

The LONGWIN Photography Crystal Ball is not only a beautiful decoration for your home or office but also a powerful symbol of success and super power. It can be a great addition to your collection of feng shui items and can also be used for meditation purposes.

By absorbing the surrounding magnetic field, the crystal ball enhances a person’s faith, confidence, and determination. Its energy stability can ward off evil spirits, purify negative energy, promote health, and maintain a pleasant mood. However, please note that the crystal ball should not be placed in direct sunlight or near flammable items as its pure nature acts like a magnifying glass and can start a fire.

Product Details

  • Material: K9 crystal, lead-free and 100% clear without impurities and bubbles
  • Crystal ball diameter: 80mm (3.1 inches)
  • Includes a free wooden stand
  • Packed in a pink gift box
  • Great for collection of feng shui items, divinations, and meditation purposes
  • Perfect as a photography prop or a cool magic prop
  • Excellent idea for a Father’s Day gift
  • WARNNING: Not to be placed in direct sunlight. The crystal ball acts like a magnifying glass and can start a fire.

Get your LONGWIN Photography Crystal Ball today and experience the beauty and power of this exquisite crystal craft. With its competitive price and good quality, it’s a must-have for crystal enthusiasts, photographers, and anyone seeking positive energy and inspiration.