FLIR ONE Pro LT – Android (USB-C) – Pro-Grade Thermal Camera for Smartphones

18 September 2023 0 Comments

FLIR ONE Pro LT – Android (USB-C) – Pro-Grade Thermal Camera for Smartphones

FLIR ONE Pro LT – Android (USB-C) – Pro-Grade Thermal Camera for Smartphones


The FLIR ONE Pro LT is a revolutionary thermal camera accessory for Android smartphones. With its advanced features and cutting-edge technology, it allows you to detect and solve invisible problems faster than ever before. Whether you’re a professional in the field or a curious individual, this thermal camera is a must-have tool.

Key Features

  • Powerful infrared camera mobile accessory
  • Adjustable one-fit connector for easy attachment
  • Find hidden electrical problems, energy loss, water damage, and other heat-related issues
  • Record 4,800 pixel IR images with high thermal sensitivity
  • Measure temperatures from -20°C to 120°C (-4°F to 248°F)
  • VividIR image processing for enhanced resolution and accuracy
  • MSX technology enhances thermal images with visual details
  • One-fit connector extends by up to 4 mm for secure attachment
  • Work-based features such as multiple spot meters and level/span controls
  • Reporting through the FLIR Tools Mobile App for professional problem-solving
  • Accurate temperature measurements with a tolerance of ±3°C or ±5%

Unmatched Thermal Imaging

The FLIR ONE Pro LT offers a thermal resolution of 4,800 pixels, allowing you to capture detailed infrared images. With a thermal sensitivity of 100 mK, it can detect even the slightest temperature differences. Whether you’re inspecting electrical panels, HVAC systems, or searching for water damage, this thermal camera provides unparalleled image quality.

VividIR Image Processing

Equipped with VividIR image processing technology, the FLIR ONE Pro LT enhances resolution and accuracy. This unique feature helps you catch potential problems early and reliably diagnose issues. Combined with MSX technology, which overlays visual details onto thermal images, this thermal camera delivers exceptional image quality for a mobile infrared solution.

Easy and Secure Attachment

The FLIR ONE Pro LT features an adjustable one-fit connector that extends by up to 4 mm. This allows you to securely attach the thermal camera to your Android smartphone, even when it’s still in its protective case. With this convenient design, you can easily transform your smartphone into a powerful thermal imager.

Professional Problem Solving

The FLIR ONE Pro LT comes with a hard-working app that supports more professional problem-solving and functionality. With multiple spot meters, level/span controls, and reporting capabilities through the FLIR Tools Mobile App, you have all the tools you need to accurately analyze thermal data and provide comprehensive reports.


Don’t let invisible problems go unnoticed. With the FLIR ONE Pro LT, you can uncover hidden electrical issues, detect energy loss, identify water damage, and solve other heat-related problems with ease. This pro-grade thermal camera for Android smartphones is a game-changer for professionals and enthusiasts alike. Get yours today and experience the power of thermal imaging in the palm of your hand.