Dream Girls Beach House Building Sets – A Perfect Gift for Kids

26 September 2023 0 Comments

Dream Girls Beach House Building Sets – A Perfect Gift for Kids

Dream Girls Beach House Building Sets

Build your own world

With the Dream Girls Beach House Building Sets, your child can create their own world of imagination. This 360-piece building toy allows them to build a beautiful beach villa and explore endless possibilities.

Inspire children’s creativity

Let your child’s creativity soar with this building set. They can design and decorate their dream beach house, creating unique rooms and outdoor spaces. The expandable main body of the villa provides ample room for their imagination to run wild.

Cultivate children’s teamwork skills

Building with others is a great way to foster teamwork skills. The Dream Girls Beach House Building Sets come with 3 mini dolls, allowing your child to collaborate with friends or siblings. They can work together to build and decorate the beach villa, enhancing their communication and cooperation skills.

Exercise children’s operating ability

Assembling the building bricks requires precision and fine motor skills. Your child will improve their operating ability as they carefully connect each piece to create the beach house. This hands-on activity is not only fun but also beneficial for their development.

Practice children’s coordination ability

Building the Dream Girls Beach House requires coordination and spatial awareness. Your child will learn to visualize and plan their construction, improving their coordination ability. This STEM toy provides a fun and engaging way to enhance their cognitive skills.

Inspire children to have unlimited imagination

With the Dream Girls Beach House Building Sets, the possibilities are endless. Your child can create different scenes, stories, and adventures in their beach villa. This toy inspires their imagination and encourages them to think outside the box.

Improve children’s independent thinking ability

Building the beach house requires problem-solving and independent thinking. Your child will learn to follow the instructions, make decisions, and overcome challenges. This process enhances their critical thinking skills and fosters independence.

Package Included:

  • Building bricks pieces x 360
  • Instruction manual x 1
  • Sticker x 1
  • Separator x 1

Size Information:

  • Expanded House: 7.5 (L) x 5.7 (W) x 6 (H) inches
  • Package Dimensions: 11.8 (L) x 9.7 (W) x 2.5 (H) inches

Recommended Age: 6 years and up


  1. Please put the items away from high-temperature environments to ensure their service life.
  2. If necessary, use 45°C warm water to wash and clean the building bricks.
  3. Please keep the items properly and avoid parts loss caused by human factors.
  4. Please follow the instructions to assemble the building blocks and avoid incorrect assembling methods. If there is any missing part, please check the reasons and then contact us promptly.

Expandable Beach Villa

The two-story Villa building sets feature an expandable main body. After expanding, you will see a living room with a TV and a cooking table in the kitchen. The house is surrounded by flowers and trees, creating a beautiful and cozy atmosphere.

Wonderful Role-Play Time

The beach house building kit includes a bike and 3 mini dolls. Kids will enjoy endless fun building and role-playing. They can spend a relaxing holiday in the seaside house with friends and enjoy the sunlight on the outdoor balcony. Let their imagination run wild!

360 Pieces House Building Toys

The expanded house measures 7.5 (L) x 5.7 (W) x 6 (H) inches. Every set includes a colored instruction manual, making it easy for children to build a house model by following the clear steps. Stickers are also included for free, making the model more vivid and personalized.

Compatible with Major Brands Bricks

Made of ABS non-toxic toy material, the Dream Girls Beach House Building Sets have burr-free and smooth edges, ensuring the safety of your child’s hands. Each brick is carefully crafted to provide a seamless building experience. The building bricks are also compatible with major brands, allowing your child to expand their collection and create even more amazing structures.

Great Gift Choice

Packaged with a beautiful box, the Dream Girls Beach House Building Sets make a great holiday or birthday gift for kids aged 6 and up. Let them enjoy endless fun of build-and-play and fire up their imagination. This STEM toy is not only entertaining but also educational, providing a perfect balance of fun and learning.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is this toy suitable for boys and girls?

Yes, the Dream Girls Beach House Building Sets are suitable for both boys and girls. The toy encourages creativity and imaginative play, making it enjoyable for all children.

2. Can this toy be used by children younger than 6 years old?

The recommended age for this toy is 6 years and up. Younger children may find it challenging to assemble the building bricks and follow the instructions. Adult supervision is recommended for younger children.

3. Are the building bricks safe for children?

Yes, the building bricks are made of ABS non-toxic toy material and have burr-free and smooth edges. They are safe for children to play with and will not harm their hands.

4. Can I combine this set with other building bricks?

Yes, the Dream Girls Beach House Building Sets are compatible with major brands of building bricks. You can combine them with other sets to create even more elaborate structures and scenes.

5. How many mini dolls are included in the set?

The set includes 3 mini dolls, allowing your child to engage in role-playing and storytelling.

Buy the Dream Girls Beach House Building Sets today and let your child’s creativity shine!