British 3″ Meat Filled Bone x15 For Dogs

3 October 2023 0 Comments

British 3″ Meat Filled Bone x15 For Dogs

British 3″ Meat Filled Bone x15 For Dogs

Product Description

Our Meat Filled Bones are a British marrow bone that has been washed, dried and hollowed out, and then filled with a nice meaty filling in the centre. They are one of the most popular products on the market today. They are 100% natural and UK produced, they are totally free from artificial preservatives and colourants. These bones are also low odour, and a cleaner dog treat, however, the filling inside can make a bit of a mess if fed on carpet. Our filled bones are also long lasting so they will keep your dog entertained as well as mentally stimulated. Grain & gluten free !!

Legal Disclaimer

All natural bones do have a chance of splintering, and we don’t like to say that they WON’T splinter. However, we advise that you keep a close eye as there is a chance they can splinter. Please supply fresh drinking water and keep a close eye on your dog when feeding them any treats. If splintering does occur, please remove the bone.

Features of the British 3″ Meat Filled Bone x15:

  • NO NASTIES & PRODUCED IN THE UK – 100% Natural dried healthy dog treats, no additives, produced in the UK. You can treat your dog worry free, our high quality filled bones are not imported.
  • STRONG BRITISH BONE – These bones are not imported from abroad where the bones can easily splinter or shatter, ours are much stronger and made from locally sourced British raw materials, our last longer and have a reduced chance of splintering.
  • GREAT FOR DENTAL HYGIENE – These filled bones will help to promote healthy teeth and gums as your dog chews and gnaws helping to remove tartar and plaque from your dog’s teeth.
  • LOVELY TASTY FILLING IN THE CENTRE – Your dog will love to lick the filling out the centre of these bones, it will help to keep them occupied and happy, and rewarding them with a lovely tasty filling.
  • LONG LASTING BOREDOM BUSTER – If your dog gets bored easily and needs some entertainment, these filled bones will certainly help acting as a toy and a treat. They are long lasting, and will definitely help to keep your pooch quiet.