Blueberry by Demeter for Women – 4 oz Cologne Spray

18 September 2023 0 Comments

Blueberry by Demeter for Women – 4 oz Cologne Spray

Blueberry by Demeter for Women – 4 oz Cologne Spray


Indulge in the delightful fragrance of Blueberry by Demeter. This 4 oz Cologne Spray is specially crafted for women who appreciate the enchanting scent of blueberries. With its sweet and fruity aroma, this cologne spray is a perfect choice for any occasion.

Main Title

Experience the Essence of Blueberries with Blueberry by Demeter

Unleash your senses with the captivating scent of Blueberry by Demeter. This cologne spray is designed to transport you to a world of luscious blueberries, evoking memories of sunny summer days and mouthwatering desserts.

Discover the Sweet and Fruity Aroma

Blueberry by Demeter captures the essence of freshly picked blueberries. The fragrance opens with a burst of juicy blueberry notes, creating an irresistible and refreshing scent. As the fragrance develops, subtle hints of sweetness and tartness emerge, adding depth and complexity to the aroma.

Whether you’re heading to a casual outing or a special event, Blueberry by Demeter is the perfect accessory to enhance your overall style. Its long-lasting formula ensures that you’ll enjoy the delightful scent throughout the day.

Uniquely Crafted for Women

Blueberry by Demeter is specifically designed for women who appreciate the beauty of nature and seek a fragrance that complements their personality. The cologne spray is carefully formulated to capture the essence of blueberries, creating a scent that is both feminine and alluring.

With its 4 oz size, this cologne spray is perfect for carrying in your purse or travel bag, allowing you to enjoy the enchanting aroma of blueberries wherever you go. Its sleek and elegant packaging adds a touch of sophistication to your collection.


Blueberry by Demeter is a must-have for women who desire a fragrance that embodies the irresistible scent of blueberries. Its sweet and fruity aroma will transport you to a world of delightful memories and create a lasting impression wherever you go. Experience the essence of blueberries with Blueberry by Demeter – a true delight for the senses.